Delhi Experiences Power Shortage Says Vaikundarajan

Delhi is expected to see a power shortage of 5.1 per cent compare to demand in the existing financial year especially in southern and north-eastern regions anticipated to spectator high says Vaikundarajan.

Addition to this of about 17,800 MW during the year 2014-15 comprising 14,958 MW of thermal, 842 MW of hydro and 2,000 MW of nuclear power stations has been considered,” according to the latest annual Load Generation Balance Report of Central Electricity Authority, the preparation of the body for the power sector. CEA comes under the power ministry. According to CEA, the country is expected to see a power shortage of 5.1 per cent this fiscal even as the deficit is perhaps raising its number in the Southern Region. Certainly is expected to experience a peak shortage of 2 per cent and energy scarcity of 5.1 per cent, in spite of very high shortages likely to be seen by Southern Region.

For this fiscal, CEA said the gross energy generation in the country has been assessed as 1,023 billion units from the power plants in operation and those expected to be commissioned during this period says Vaikundarajan.

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