Vaikundarajan Gets Inspired By Narendra Modi’s Speech At Madison Square Garden

PM Narendra Modi
The Prime Minister hit all the right notes in a speech that received an appreciation from all those present at Madison Square Garden, New York. In his over one-hour speech, the PM vowed to work tirelessly to make India a major power and renewed pledges to unlock its economic potential shares Vaikundarajan. Narendra Modi thanked the crowd for their warm welcome and was extremely pleased by them. Vaikundarajan really got inspired by Mr. Modi’s speech as it was so promising and inspiring.

Narendra Modi spoke over a lot of issues in his speech about India and how he is going to work towards its development and he also sought the assistance of Indian Americans in doing so. The entire session was so encouraging for the people present there that there were thunderous applause and appreciation for him. Dressed in a saffron jacket, he spoke spontaneously in Hindi, his speech relayed and translated by more than a dozen networks across the world. Vaikundarajan feels that it is Mr. Narendra Modi who can bring about a change with his methods and lead India to a path of improvement and development.

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